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03.02.09 // Using Direct Response to Reach the U.S. Hispanic Market
01.28.09 // Infomercial Production a Hot Topic at Upcoming DRTV Course
01.12.09 // Course on Infomercial Mgt Focuses on Customer Acquisition


11.24.08 // Philadelphia Boot Camp Explores a Media Buyer's World
11.13.08 // Boot Camp in Philadelphia Shares Media Buying Secrets
09.22.08 // DRTV Boot Camp Stresses Infomercial Production-Telemarketing Connection
05.21.08 // DRTV Course on Nutraceuticals Premieres in New York
04.30.08 // Greg Sarnow at '08 Response Expo in San Diego
03.11.08 // Greg Sarnow Joins Housewares Panel Session
02.06.08 // New DRTV Back-End Mgt Course Debuts in Miami Beach


12.11.07 // First Ever DRTV Media Buying Course
09.18.07 // First DRTV Training in Chicago

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DRTV Campaign
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Hilton Bayfront Hotel
San Diego, CA

direct response television and web  advertising integration management training course

April 1st: -2-6 pm
April 2nd: 8 30 am--5:00 pm

Direct response television
advertising and ecommerce
integration course.

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