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Direct Response Television
Advertising and Ecommerce Integration Boot-Camp.

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Direct Response Academy provides DRTV training, courses and campaign management.Direct Response Marketing is widely recognized as the most effective solution for building brand recognition and creating sales simultaneously. 

The Direct Response Academy is at the forefront of Direct Response marketing as the only educational organization dedicated to training and educating organizations and individuals in the best practices and management of Direct Response marketing.

"Your industry knowledge and pre-sentations are making us a better company. Because of you we're making media more effective and we’re making our clients more money. "

Steve Pittendrigh
CEO/ InPulse Response Group

When it comes to planning and implementing your direct response campaign, understanding general advertising principles is not enough. Now, you do not have to lose control of your direct response project for lack of specific direct response knowledge or experience. You can leverage the successes and failures of the very best direct response marketers in your favor!

The Direct Response Academy offers a wide array of educational and training components for the experienced corporate marketer, ad agency professionals or the entrepreneur launching a product or service for the first time. We provide timely, crucial information and training that helps you, your staff or even your DR vendors to get through the direct response campaign process with seamless success, utilizing industry best practices that have stood the test of time.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, project manager, ad agency, inventor or corporate executive, if your goal is to launch a product or service which needs more than just an image to get consumers to act, the Direct Response Academy can help you.

The Direct Response Academy offers:

  • Public Courses in Direct Response Television
    • DRTV Management Boot camp
    • Winning the Media Game
    • Direct Response supply-chain management. 
  • On-Site Training for Marketers
    • Project feasibility,
    • building a Marketing plan that integrates Direct Response with other marketing endeavors
    • specific training for internal teams managing Direct Response projects
    • Winning the Media Game: Managing Media Agencies and Results as well as bringing media in-house. 
    • DRTV Finances:  From Scorekeeping to Strategy
  •  Project Management
    • Everything from Turn-key project management to a la carte services for companies that don’t have the expertise or resources to manage a campaign.
  • DR Feasibility
    • Utilizing proven DR Modeling techniques to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and short comings of a potential project
    • Taking the Analysis of DR Modeling to build a Marketing Plan that will create a successful launch campaign from launch to successful brand.
  • Integration Planning:
    • The complexity of Direct Response, with the many vehicles and mediums available, and the margin of error that exists because of increasing costs in media and other services, are forcing marketers to start by learning the successful tactics  professional Direct Response marketers use. 

      Knowing how to integrate a Direct Response campaign with the latest technological advancements is fast becoming the cutting edge, street smart tactics equally needed to be successful.  Whether taking a video originally shot for TV and putting it on the web, in a store, or on the mobile phone, or looking at reaching consumers using Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) trying to bypass advertising, marketers are finding many ways to integrate the up and coming tech tools to maximize ROI.

Whether you enroll in one of our public courses, arrange on-site training at your business or take advantage of phone “coaching”, our programs allow you to “stand on the shoulders of giants” in direct response. Comprehensive in scope, our DR training examines everyday real-world case studies from every angle, offering an understanding of every direct response discipline. Now you can learn the secrets professional direct response marketers have been using for years to create unbelievably successful campaigns. All of the resources needed for each direct response discipline will be at your fingertips and the courses reveal the key decision parameters, so that you make the best decisions in every situation, everytime.

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Have questions? We want to hear from you. If you have comments about our website, or would like some answers to specific questions regarding your existing DR campaign, then please provide your comments and questions below and we will respond immediately. (Your email address is for correspondence purposes only. It will not be shared with any third parties, OR be considered a request to opt-in for our own mailings.)



In addition to training, the Direct Response Academy also offers project feasibility studies, campaign audits and project management services that instruct, prepare and implement your campaign with the actual data and performance-based skills it needs to be successful. We teach, explain and guide… but we also “DO”.

Whether it is training, analysis or implementation, whether it is the entire campaign process or one component, the Direct Response Academy will effectively manage, integrate or illuminate any direct response area for which your company lacks sufficient experience.

Either way, there is nothing hidden and no secret, proprietary information leaving you helpless or misguided about direct response once our job is done. With the DR “street smarts” you’ll get from the Direct Response Academy, you’ll know what is in the best interests of every party involved, and you'll make decisions which increase profitability and minimize time wasters.

Our goal is to equip you with everything you need to do it, or manage it, on your own with:

  • Knowledge to integrate the best of both worlds, DR and general advertising;

  • Financial savvy to maximize ROI;
  • Street-smarts to avoid the pitfalls that await amateurs whose lack of knowledge lead to lost opportunities, failed campaigns and huge financial losses.

Unlike specialized industry providers, the Direct Response Academy empowers your organization for direct response marketing success with the comprehensive insight and objectivity needed to ensure that your chosen providers, strategies and methods are truly the most appropriate for your individual campaign.


For more information about how the Direct Response Academy can positively impact any aspect of your DR initiative, contact us at 512-301-5900 or email us at info@dracademy.org.