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DRTV Campaign Management &
Boot Camp

April 23 – 24, 2018

Hilton Bayfront Hotel
San Diego, CA


Direct Response Television
Advertising and Ecommerce Integration Boot-Camp.

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April 23rd :
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

April 24th :
9:00 am –1:00 pm

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Direct Response Academy courses available in On-Site Training formatDo you have 3 or more employees who need training on direct response TV marketing?

Are you already running a DRTV project and need to get your staff up to speed fast?

The Direct Response Academy's on-site training programs are a great, cost-effective solution.

And our on-site programs are customized to address the needs of your staff and the specific issues of your DR initiative.

Just choose the right area of focus for your organization:

DRTV Management Boot Camp
This two day intensive course is the industry's gold standard training program, giving the full picture of what goes into managing a DRTV campaign. Extremely valuable for those new to the world of DR marketing, as well as DRTV veterans.

Advanced Logistics

Advanced Logistics hones in on how to build a sound behind-the-scenes infrastructure, which is crucial to your campaign's profitability. The program explores the sales process, telemarketing, fulfillment, customer service and financial areas of direct response marketing.

Advanced DRTV Media
The only course of its kind, now you and your team can learn the best practices of managing short form and infomercial media. This training intensive covers every aspect of media buying, testing and management for a successful campaign.

"Your industry knowledge and pre-sentations are making us a better company. Because of you we're making media more effective and we’re making our clients more money. "

Steve Pittendrigh
CEO/ InPulse Response Group

Total Call Center Training

Total Call Center Training improves sales agent and overall call center performance. We train agents on our unique Consultative Sales Process to effectively increase conversions and average sales for soft offer campaigns. And we work with the marketer and center management to develop scripts that increase sales, and build the reporting tools to accurately monitor campaign results.

DR Financial Management: From Scorekeeping to Strategy
Designed for marketers, entrepreneurs and financial officers, this one-day course is specifically geared to address the financial realities, requirements and best practices for your in-house direct response initiatives.

Bringing DRTV Media In-House
This two to three day custom course includes an in-depth analysis of your workflow and requirements. Industry veteran Greg Sarnow then works with you and your team to help you to bring the DRTV media function under your roof.


If you want to transform your direct response results, increase your team's DRTV knowledge and build their skills, then bring DRTV best practices, industry "secrets" and time-tested strategies into your business through the Direct Response Academy's on-site training programs.

And here's a suggestion: get everyone on the same page! Consider inviting one or more of your direct response vendors (your producer, media buyer, etc.) to participate in the training along with you and your employees.

Not sure which program is right for you?
Ask us about our on-site training questionnaire to help you determine which course curriculum meets your needs.

For more information about the Direct Response Academy's on-site training options, contact us at (512) 301-5900 or via email at

Have questions? We want to hear from you!

If you need answers to specific questions about your existing DR campaign - or a campaign you are considering - just fill in the form below. We will respond immediately. (We will not share your email address with any third parties, NOR consider this a request to opt-in to the DRA's mailings.)