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To positively impact DRTV results by training marketers and entrepreneurs on the best practices of Direct Response marketing; and providing premier campaign management services to leverage our clients' Direct Response successes to build household brands and increase profitability across channels.

In the video below Greg Sarnow explains why he started the Direct Response Academy and how he likes to help his clients


Greg Sarnow – Founder and CEO of the Direct Response Academy – Direct response TV (DRTV) industry veteranGreg Sarnow is a Direct Response television pioneer and widely respected industry authority.

Sarnow founded the Direct Response Academy in 1999 as the only educational institute dedicated to the needs of the Direct Response industry. The Academy's unique training programs cover the myriad aspects of an infomercial marketing campaign.

Greg's marketing expertise includes television, radio, syndication, DR, and barter. Over nearly 20 years in the industry, Greg has managed innumerable infomercial marketing campaigns. The Academy's campaign management services include feasibility analysis, DRTV media management, and call center agent training.

Sarnow is a frequent speaker at industry events, has written articles for every major DRTV trade publication, and serves on the Response Magazine's editorial advisory board.

Greg spent eight years as president of American Television Time where he managed long and short form media for Fortune 500 companies including Avon, Rubbermaid, Chase Bank, Toshiba, and Sears. He built ATT's annual revenues from $2 million to $65 million in only 6 years.

Greg has consulted to multi-national corporations in the home shopping arena. He worked with the Hinduja Group, one of the largest industrialist families in India, to launch a home shopping network in South Asia. Sarnow also developed buying strategies for the Reliant Group chain of super stores in India.

Before entering the Direct Response industry, Greg founded Karuna AG, a Swiss trading company operating in 35 countries with offices in Hong Kong, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Zurich. Its operations included jewelry manufacturing, and the import/export of fine jewelry and precious stones throughout the world.


For more information, email the Direct Response Academy at info@DirectResponseAcademy.com or call (512) 301-5900.

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