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Direct Response Academy Clients

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Some of the Academy's Clients:

Alberto Culver Company
American Telecom
BioNorica AG
Body By Jake
Canella Response Television, Inc.
Celebrity Signatures
Cesari Direct
cj Advertising
Cossette Communications Group
Credit Answers LLC
Deer Stags
Diamond Chemical Co., Inc.
Direct Response Media
Escape Your Shape
Global TV Concept
Gotham Direct, Inc.
Hoist Fitness Systems
Iceland Health
InPulse Response Group
Irwin Natural
ITV Direct
Jarden Consumer Products
Lexicon Marketing
Lionsgate Films
Listen Up
LivOn Laboratories
Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety
My Media Works
Overbreak LLC
People Support
PetFirst Healthcare
Polar Heart Monitors
Primeway Companies
ShamWow, Inc.
Singing Coach
Soda Club
Star Medical
Strategic Media, Inc.
Sylmark Group
Team Direct Management LLC
The Hollywood Trainer
Total Living Network
Victor Results Advertising
WellNx Life Sciences/SlimQuick
XLN Brands


Academy Clients Share Their Experiences:

Direct Response Academy provides DRTV training, courses and campaign management – what our clients say – Body By Jake.I want to thank the Direct Response Academy for the positive experience we had. This year, Body by Jake made the transition to a fully self-contained direct marketing company.

The DR Academy played a key role in preparing our staff and arranging relationships that made our operation a success. Your expertise in television media was very important to help us establish a structure to purchase media “in-house.” I highly recommend - to anyone interested in pursuing this industry without significant experience - to directly seek your advice. It will save them time and money.

Phil Scotti, President
Body By Jake

For us, it’s all about designing our services so our clients’ media is the most effective possible. That’s where you came in. You showed our staff how we can refine our processes, where to focus our attention, and how we can best impact our client’s profitability.

Direct Response Academy provides DRTV training, courses and campaign management – what our clients say – InPulse Response Group.

Our call flow designs are now more sophisticated; the offer structure is more effective and our clients are better served.

But here’s where I have seen the most impact: our internal operations staff now has the complete picture of how their functions fit in a successful campaign, and what we are working toward when the marketing staff makes a specific request.

The list goes on and on. Programmers - call center computer screen design has become more sales friendly. Our sales center managers see the relation of the upsells to order-to-call ratios better. Our HR directors have refined the definition of the best hire for our telesales consultants. The finance managers now have a better understanding of our clients cash flow needs. And TELCO now sees the relation of call handling/skill routing to client profitability.

We regularly get requests from additional departments to be included in your next training session. Your industry knowledge and presentations are making us a better company. Because of you we are making media more effective and we’re making our clients more money. I am proud to make a recommendation on the use of your services.

Steve Pittendrigh, CEO
InPulse Response Group

Direct Response Academy provides DRTV training, courses and campaign management – what our clients say – Escape Your Shape. In addition to managing our media campaign, I have been equally impressed with your overall knowledge of all the other aspects of DRTV. You had the insight to successfully choose some of our upsells, which are still drawing an over 20% ratio despite being in the 4th and 5th position.

Your insight and expertise for choosing the proper media has led us to a higher ratio than our previous media runs. Not only have I learned a great deal from your wisdom, you are very easy to work with and one of the most reliable people I have done business with in this ever-challenging industry.

Dr. Edward Jackowski, CEO
Escape Your Shape

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