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Direct Response Campaigns Need Proven Experience

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Direct Response Campaign Management requires proven experienceCompanies deeply entrenched in selling consumer products and services in retail are often times ill-equipped and rudely awakened when considering direct response.
The direct-to-consumer approach demands a completely different skill set and infrastructure to succeed. Yet, the rewards direct response marketing offers and the short time it takes to achieve critical mass awareness using direct response attracts many companies to ask their agencies for a Direct Response marketing plan.  Unfortunately the Agencies are not equipped for this request!

"I want to thank Direct Response Academy for the positive experience we had. Body by Jake made the transition this year... to a fully self-contained direct marketing company. During this transition, the DR Academy played a key role in preparing our staff and arranging some of the relationships that have made our operation a success."

Phil Scotti
President, Body By Jake

DRTV Project Management is a core service the Direct Response Academy offers.  Whether you are considering Direct Response for a new project launch or are in the middle of a campaign, our Project Management will give you immediate access to experience in the discipline that will impact your campaign direction and your results immediately.

Our Project Management is an “a la carte” program where you can choose that singular area of management that will be critical to the success of your existing campaign or our Total Project Management, a complete turn-key solution for companies that are just beginning and need a Direct Response Marketing Plan, line item management and infrastructure development.

Our Direct Response Project Management has several unique components that set it apart from any other alternative in the Direct Response Industry.  Our expertise in Direct Response is based on literally thousands of campaigns in just about every different product category.  Whether your model is a fitness product with a weight loss component, a dietary supplement with continuity or a housewares product using DR to drive retail sales, the Academy has managed campaigns that will have valuable experience you can rely on to build your brand, maximize your ROI and efficiently manage the Direct-to-Consumer process.

Too often, companies interested in Direct Response, hire a person who specializes in one of the out-sourced services required for any campaign, such as a fulfillment or media person.  Suddenly these people go from representing services to representing clients and the sense of urgency marketers require is never there.

In the last 10 years, the complexity of Direct Response projects has exponentially increased because of the internet and the Fortune 500 companies that regularly use Direct Response marketing.  As a result, Direct Response Marketing is no longer a “one size fits all” discipline and a 360 degree understanding of Direct Response is only a starting point for choosing and managing the right team.
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Have questions? We want to hear from you. If you have comments about our website, or would like some answers to specific questions regarding your existing DR campaign, then please provide your comments and questions below and we will respond immediately. (Your email address is for correspondence purposes only. It will not be shared with any third parties, OR be considered a request to opt-in for our own mailings.)



Hiring a person with one expertise, if in fact they even have that, might only be the beginning of major problems compounded by someone with one-sided expertise, hiring a friend of a friend, creating problems that waste time, money and human resources.

In fact, our Academy trains many of the service providers in the Direct Response Industry as well as Ad Agencies that want to add Direct Response to their client offerings.  Why do we do that?   Because service providers are experts in one area and no matter how good they are at pitching themselves as the solution to all of your Direct Response needs, when you look closer, even that one area is continuously becoming narrower because of the complexity total project management requires.

Not only do we manage every component of your direct response initiatives, but if you so desire, we teach your team how to continue managing the process, therefore transferring the know-how in-house.

Direct Response Management requires every component of a campaign to be considered before service providers are chosen.  Areas included in the original Marketing Plan include:
  • Product offer
  • Creative & Production
  • Choosing and managing Service Providers
  • The selling process
  • Which service providers would be best for this campaign
  • Media management
  • Direct Response branding for long-term success

Then, according to your needs, your expertise and your human resources, The Direct Response Academy will help you implement your plan.

For clients considering a Direct Response Marketing Campaign, the Direct Response Academy helps its clients formulate a Direct Response Marketing plan as the first step of Project Management.

Direct Response Advertising is a unique marketing approach that takes many campaigns to gain expertise.  No two campaigns are ever alike!  Even products that are of the same product category will be completely different based on the time of year they begin, the kind of offer made to the consumer and many other components.

The Direct Response Academy offers Campaign Management for is clients.  We have a  turn key management solution that instantly brings total know-how to  your team.  It is one thing to learn the fundamentals of Direct Response Marketing, but managing a campaign takes the wisdom of many campaigns. Hiring an individual with the limited experience of a few campaigns or from a service provider will be a tactic best done after you’ve created a successful campaign and in the middle of rolling-out large media budgets.

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your media or someone to manage your entire project launch, the Direct Response Academy brings you a team that instantly brings years of experience directly to your project launch or campaign.  You won’t have to hire a team with limited experience.

Direct Response Project Management has many sides depending on where you are in the process.  Whether you are buying $ 100,000 of media a week and want to expand your campaign or in the initial planning of a project launch, the Direct Response Academy offers Project management tailored to your needs and your budget.


The Direct Response Academy empowers your organization for DRTV success with the experience and objective insight needed to ensure that chosen providers and strategies are truly the most appropriate for your individual campaign, and managed appropriately throughout. The Academy offers complete project management, or an a-la-carte group of services that help you effectively manage and integrate virtually any campaign component for which your company lacks sufficient experience. Management options can include, but are not limited to:

Media Management – expertise necessary to bring your media in-house or choosing and managing the media buying group best for your campaign.

Production Management – choosing the best producer for your project; optimizing collaboration between producer and client; managing the production team and process; representing clients’ interests throughout production.

Sales & Marketing Management – building a customer focus into your project; developing the messaging necessary to create customer awareness, interest and sales; ensuring that the branding and demographic profile are integrated and consistent; evaluating the transactional process.

Financial Management – tactical innovation based on ever-changing weekly results; cash flow projections; cash flow analysis; project forecasting; profitability analysis

Back-End Management – building and implementing the right plan for retail and marketing “follow-through” can be the difference between maximizing your ROI and leaving profitable opportunities on the table. DRA will help evaluate the best opportunities; utilize key alliances and contacts to implement strategies; evaluate impact on ROI; and integrate the back-end strategies with primary DRTV campaign components.

Total Project Management – complete 360-degree oversight of your project; creating a DRTV marketing plan including everything from the entire campaign to all back-end sales (including retail, line extensions, international, home shopping, etc.); developing the tactics and resources to implement the plan

Infrastructure Management – integration between service providers; reports from each service provider; building analytical tools to manage the day to day operations; integrating financial modeling with service provider reporting

Answering some important questions can narrow down your options and indicate which management level is most appropriate for your project:

Do you have an existing project, or are you still in the idea stages?
Have you conducted a feasibility analysis?

What areas of DRTV project management can impact television results the most?

Do you intend to bring what you learn about managing direct response campaigns in-house? Are you developing your own in-house DRTV department?

Have you considered your company’s infrastructure needs and limitations regarding your existing campaign?

So your media buyer offers project management. Will they manage your project like a media buyer? Are they capable of producing an objective feasibility study, and/or directing you away from DRTV if your project is better suited to radio advertising? Are they really the best alternative to hiring employees or having a consultant?


For more information on Project Management services offered by the Academy, contact us at 512-301-5900 or email us at