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PR Newswire
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Direct Response TV Course on Nutraceutical &
Cosmeceutical Products to Premier in New York City

(Austin, Texas) From June 9-11 in New York City, Direct Response Academy CEO Greg Sarnow will lead a “DRTV Management Boot Camp” tailor-made for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.

“Nutritional supplements and skin care products can do very well in an informercial or short form format.  Look at ProActiv, CortiSlim or the omega 3 products from Iceland Health, for example,” says Sarnow.  “But there are unique legal and regulatory issues that effect these products.  We’ll closely examine the impact these issues have on television advertising, as well as the full spectrum of a direct response television campaign.”

Sarnow, a widely recognized direct response industry authority, has managed some of the most successful product campaigns in the nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals field in DRTV history.

For the first two days, participants will explore creative strategies and best practices for nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals television advertising .  A heavy focus will be placed on building a compelling offer, including soft and hard offers, and lead generation.  The challenges of scalability for DRTV short form and infomercial campaigns will be covered, along with solutions for successful campaign roll-out.

The class rounds off on the third day with an in-depth study of the behind-the-scenes work of a direct response television advertising campaign.  Sarnow will delve into the intricacies of the sales, telemarketing, fulfillment, customer service, and financial campaign components. Participants will understand how these services interact and how to use the smartest techniques to create the best long-term results. 

While the course is focused on these specific product areas, the material is relevant for anyone interested in or currently managing a DRTV campaign.  Additional topics include:

  1. Vendor accountability
  2. Media management
  3. Leveraging the DRTV model to the Web and retail sales
  4. Financial models
  5. Telemarketing strategies
  6. Managing the sales process to increase results

The course will be held at the Fitzpatrick Hotel Manhattan in New York.  For more details, visit the Direct Response Academy website:  www.DirectResponseAcademy.com/newyork.htm.

For registration information, contact Mark Warren at (512) 301-5900 or via email at courses@directresponseacademy.com.


The DirectResponseAcademy, founded in 1999, is the only educational organization dedicated to training on the best practices of direct response television marketing.  The DRA offers executive training, project management and consulting services for companies and individuals who are launching or managing DRTV campaigns.

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Mini-DRTV Boot Camp
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