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The Back End of a DRTV Campaign
- - - Where Profits Are Won or Lost

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Direct response television
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Some Direct Response projects look so promising - but never reach their full potential. Advanced Logistics:  Back end campaign management  – DRTV public courses and trainingThey roll out but don’t achieve their desired results. Or they never even reach the roll-out point.

Why is that?

Most likely it’s because the marketers haven’t learned how to handle the “back end” of the infomercial business.  They don’t have a clear plan or the experience needed to deal with the logistics of a DRTV campaign. 

They haven’t learned the time-tested, proven methods used to increase revenues and decrease expenses.

Now you can.

DRTV Management Boot Camp’s companion course, Advanced Logistics, is an in-depth look at the elaborate back-of-the-house business of direct response marketing.

This program provides a full spectrum view of the critical back-end service areas, their related vendors, and how they connect to form one well-oiled marketing machine.

Advanced Logistics focuses on the hidden side of campaign management many marketers never consider before jumping into their project, including finance, infrastructure, and media, to telemarketing, web integration and product fulfillment.

“Greg’s years of experience in the field presents an amazing perspective on the DR business.  Great seminar!  I wish I had attended years ago!”

Mara Schteinschraber
Corinthian Colleges

Issue 1: The Right Vendors
It is critical to choose your campaign’s outsourced vendors to fit the specific marketing model you pursue.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy in direct response marketing. 

Advanced Logistics teaches you to understand each vendor’s perspective so you can manage each service area to increase revenue and maximize ROI. 

Issue 2: Vendor Accountability
Successfully managing your service providers means managing the data they report. 

Advanced Logistics shows you how to build the reports your campaign needs, and how to understand the critical metrics for each service area. 

Advanced Logistics:  Back end campaign management  – DRTV public courses and training

This keeps you a step ahead, instead of two steps behind, each vendor – and can mean the difference between profit and loss.

  • Identify the critical components of each service area
  • Integrate each service provider’s data into comprehensive executive summaries and detailed reports
  • Accurately judge when each vendor’s performance is excelling or lagging
  • Maximize return-on-investment

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs and inventors
  • Ad agency project managers
  • Telemarketers
  • Fulfillment & logistics providers
  • Financial officers
  • Direct marketers
  • DRTV project managers
  • Infomercial producers
  • Anyone responsible for Direct Response ROI

Advanced Logistics:  Back end campaign management  – DRTV public courses and trainingStart Your Campaign Off Right!
Enjoy the immediate, positive benefits of being fully informed.  Feel confident that your skills meet the demands of managing your campaign – front end to back end - from start to finish.

Don’t Miss Out!
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