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Managing A Media Campaign for Direct Response


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Direct Response Television
Advertising and Ecommerce Integration Boot-Camp.

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April 23rd :
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DRTV Media Training with Direct Response Academy.comFact: more money is spent on media in a successful direct response campaign than every other service combined. 

Managing your infomercial media well - and your DRTV agency - can impact your ROI by 5% to 15%. In a $10 million campaign, that can add more than $1 million straight to your bottom line.

DRTV media buying is a dynamic process where buys are added and cancelled daily. 

DRTV media is intense. It's lightning quick, negotiation heavy, and can make or break a project. And it's different from general ad buys.

A media campaign without a budget? 

Yes, that's DRTV media in its truest form.  Results drive budget, not a pre-determined budgetary plan. 

The focus here is on cost per call, cost per acquisition or order, and media efficiency ratios.  Every airing’s profitability can be seen immediately by the calls coming in and sales taking place.

With DRTV’s built-in accountability, daily results show which media buys are working, which are not, and how much to buy to maximize ROI.

This is not an exaggeration!

Choosing and managing the right media buyer for your project can be the most important decision of your entire campaign. It can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failure.

How do you know the right agency for your campaign Is it the agency with the great sales pitch - or the lowest commission? 

They might look good initially, but it could turn out to be a decision you regret once the project launches.

The Direct Response Academy can help. 

We’ll put you a step ahead of your media buyer.  Your agency may not think it's necessary for you to understand the ins and outs of DRTV media - but we do! Because if you do, you’ll have a major impact on your campaign's results.

We offer programs to help you make the best decisions for your project and achieve better DRTV media results - whether you are managing an agency, outsourcing your DRTV media, or buying it in-house.

Advanced DRTV Media

A unique program offered nowhere else.  For the first time, marketers can learn the best practices of managing and buying media for DRTV, preparing you for a successful collaboration with any media agency. Available as a public course and as a customized on-site training program.

Bringing DRTV Media In-House

You'll work directly Industry veteran Greg Sarnow to determine your unique requirements to bring the DRTV media function in-house.  Available as an on-site training to ad agencies and marketers.


For more information on managing your DRTV media:
Contact the Direct Response Academy at (512) 301-5900 or email us at


"Your insight and expertise in choosing the proper media has led us to a higher ratio than our previous media runs. Not only have I learned a great deal from your wisdom, you are one of the most reliable people I have done business with in this ever challenging industry.”

Dr. Edward Jackowski, CEO
Escape Your Shape

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