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How To Optimize DRTV Media for Campaign Success

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February 17-19, 2010

DRTV Mgmt Boot Camp with Advanced DRTV Media &

Miami Beach, FL

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February 17-19, 2010
DRTV Mgmt Boot Camp with Advanced DRTV Media &

Miami Beach, FL

February 28, 2010
Advanced DRTV Media
San Francisco, CA

Optimizing DRTV media for campaign success – Winning the Media GameFor the first time in the history of the direct response industry, marketers can learn the best practices of managing and buying media.  The Direct Response Academy’s Winning the Media Game training intensive will put you on an equal footing with your media agency and help you collaborate successfully with agencies of all sizes.

DRA's courses are broken down into clear, direct information that is easy to digest.  I feel much more confident in the DR world, and I recommend their courses to anyone interested in gaining knowledge from a master.”

Hara Lewis
Sr. Project Manager, Sylmark

2009 Course Schedule (Winning the Media Game):
October 21-23, 2009 >>New York City, NY

More money is spent on media in a direct response campaign than every other service combined.  Managing your media and your agency properly can impact your ROI from 5% to 25%.  In a $10 million media campaign, that adds more than $1 million straight to your bottom line!

 For the first time in the history of the direct response industry, marketers can learn the best practices of managing and buying media for DRTV. “Winning the Media Game” will prepare you for a successful collaboration with media agencies of all sizes.

This comprehensive 2-day training intensive empowers marketing & ad professionals from any industry with proven best practices that:

• Maximize return-on-investment (ROI);
• Promote brand-building & retail growth; and
• Overcome and avoid common obstacles to optimizing media.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new start-up doing short-form direct response, or a Fortune 500 company doing both short-form and infomercials, this course will teach you how to run a media campaign well!

Who should attend?

• Ad agency personnel with expertise in general advertising but with clients who need direct response
• Short form media buyers who need to learn infomercial media
• Infomercial media buyers who need to learn short form
• Product managers and executives responsible for DRTV success in their organizations
• Direct response vendors who interact with media agencies

What you’ll learn:

• How to know if your agency is doing a fair, good, or a great job
• How to impact a campaign - not just pay the invoices
• The media industry landscape
• Choosing a media agency
• Media management
• Testing
• Rolling out
• Short form
• Long form
• The impact of media on campaigns
• The financial foundation of media buying
• The future of media buying
• When to buy media in-house

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It takes years to become a good media buyer – and only if you have the intensity and drive for it.  Just understanding the ebb and flow of the media buying year is an art in itself.  Each quarter of the year is unique and must be experienced several times to fully understand the dynamics of media supply and demand, and how they impact the negotiation process.

Within each quarter, each month also has its nuances.  Special circumstances, such as a major election year, further complicate media buying.  Add to that the characteristics and goals of individual campaigns and you begin to see the complexities media agencies and buyers face.

Now, you don't have to risk a lot of time, money and effort learning DRTV strategies. This intensive, hands-on Direct Response Television Management Boot-Camp is the only two day training where you will learn proven and innovative DRTV strategies DRTV insiders are using to create successful DRTV campaigns.

Don’t miss out on this special two day event. For more information or to register, please call 512-301-5900 or email us at