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Direct Response Brand Marketing offers you Accountable AdvertisingThe goal of every brand marketing campaign is to make the featured product or service a household name. 

Using direct response as a brand marketing vehicle has become a favorite of entrepreneurs, project managers, ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies seeking to maximize ROI.

When the direct response television industry grew out of its infancy in the mid 1990’s, the direct-to-consumer model made advertisers rethink the branding vs. transactional situation.

DRTV Shifted the Advertising World’s Mindset
When direct response advertising was first introduced, the debate over “branding vs. selling” began.  The prevailing mindset was that reach and frequency in advertising was the only way to build awareness of the advertised product.

The effectiveness of the direct-to-consumer model made general advertisers rethink their position.  Of particular interest was the opportunity, in a one or two minute spot,  to communicate the benefits, features and advantages of a product, and to use the sales side of the commercial to make the advertising campaign 100% accountable.  

Today, brand managers using a direct-to-consumer/DRTV approach are getting the largest ROI because they are building their brand while making sales simultaneously.   The sales component in direct response advertising allows marketers to immediately see which advertising placement is effective.

The Academy Will Help You Build Your Skill Set
To be competitive in this new world, agency personnel must add expertise in DRTV to their core competencies.  The Direct Response Academy offers training to help advertisers and marketers learn to use DRTV effectively to build their brands.

  • Brand marketers will find the Academy’s course on managing media buyers, Advanced DRTV Media, to be extremely valuable.  The most expensive component of every DRTV campaign is media placement.  With the knowledge gained through this course, marketers unfamiliar with the world of media buying will have the tools they must have to manage their media buyers and build campaign ROI. 
  • For a well-rounded education on DRTV and the ins and outs of managing a direct response campaign, the Academy’s DRTV Management Boot Camp offers the finest training available.  Participants learn every aspect of a campaign from offer creation through production and on to fulfillment and retail sell-through. 

The Academy’s training programs are available through public courses held around the country and on-site where the information can be customized to incorporate each company’s initiatives.

In addition, the Direct Response Academy also offers campaign management services.  Academy CEO Greg Sarnow brings nearly 20 years of industry experience managing countless campaigns, combined with media buying expertise developed through running one of the industry’s largest media buying companies for over 6 years.  

Sarnow personally works closely with each client company to maximize campaign results.

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For more information on the Academy’s DRTV training programs and campaign management services, contact the Direct Response Academy today at 512-301-5900.