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Why Consider Direct Response TV (DRTV) Advertising?

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Direct Response TV advertising measures profits - every DRTV media spot is tracked and profits or losses are measured.Direct Response Television (DRTV) advertising is shaping the marketing strategies of corporations, project managers and ad agencies because it builds brands, creates sales and communicates to consumers in ways no other form of advertising can.

The majority of consumers surveyed state they have purchased products in a store after seeing it advertised on TV with an 800 number. This reflects the effectiveness of DRTV as a form of "self-liquidating" advertising that can be a major contribution to any multi-channel retail strategy.

"Rigorous campaign-testing and financial analysis, characteristic
of DRTV, provide a level of
measurability and accountability hard to come by in more tradi-
tional approaches to advertising."

A strong call to action, the hallmark of direct response advertising, can not only strengthen brand awareness, but can also help marketers to carry new products into phenomenal retail sales growth. Furthermore, rigorous campaign testing and financial analysis, also characteristic of DRTV, provide a level of measurability and accountability hard to come by in more traditional approaches to advertising.

The elements of a DRTV transactional sales process are becoming much more commonplace in general advertising campaigns. Over the last few years, both marketing executives from multinational corporations and entrepreneurs alike have found a better return on investment (ROI) when adding DRTV to their marketing mix.

Deciding that DRTV advertising should be part of your marketing mix is the first step. There are many reasons
why marketing professionals consider DRTV. Five big reasons stand out:
1.  Introducing a new product, idea or service to market;
2.  Breathing life into a product performing below expectation;
3.  Repositioning an existing product or service;
4.  Explaining a more complex proposition value that needs more than 30 seconds;
5.  Helping a product in a cluttered category to stand out.

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For more information on how or whether or not to utilize DRTV marketing, contact us at 512-301-5900 or email us at info@dracademy.org.