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Thirty Reasons To Use DRTV

Considering DRTV Up-Close – thirty reasons to use direct response TV advertisingDirect response television advertising is impacting the marketing strategies of brand marketers, ad agencies and corporations throughout the U.S. Why?

Because DRTV builds brands, creates sales and communicates to consumers in a way no other form of advertising can.

Consider these benefits to direct response TV advertising:

  1. Cut out the middle man.
  2. Accurate ROI 23 – 28% as opposed to typical 10%.
  3. Build a brand and make a sale simultaneously.
  4. Know your most profitable and least profitable advertising.  Accountable advertising.
  5. Stand out on the shelves because of large advertising budgets, only possible because of sales.
  6. Fastest way to create a dialogue with a consumer about your product and company that can also create a longer-term consumer relationship.
  7. Communicate directly with consumer about the benefits, advantages, features and results of your product.
  8. DRTV gives the marketer a chance to communicate a great bargain with a sense of urgency.
  9. Like having your best salesperson in front of 100,000 people instead of one.
  10. Shortens product introduction phase.
  11. Dramatically increases results of other advertising vehicles.
  12. Creates a synergy with PR.
  13. Very effective relationship marketing vehicle.
  14. Production of commercial is cheaper than branding commercial.
  15. Media is 80% cheaper than typical general ad media.
  16. Once the relationship with the consumer begins it is easier to maintain it.
  17. Gross selling is effective.
  18. Line extensions are possible.
  19. Continuity products sell well:  convenient, might be less expensive.
  20. More complex products are sellable with effective messaging and great pricing.
  21. Lead generation.
  22. Greater profits.
  23. Faster mind share.
  24. Greater understanding by consumer.
  25. More sales, higher price, more often with cheaper costs.
  26. Easier to increase perceived value by effective messaging.
  27. More effective communication with consumer than store salesperson.
  28. Easiest way to effectively communicate what is unique about the product and service and why it is better than any other product sold.
  29. Illustrate to people how to use your product – demonstratable.
  30. Testimonials build an emotional connection between marketer and consumer.
  31. Provides a variety of ways to build credibility;
    1. scientific
    2. endorsement from professionals
    3. endorsement from celebrities
    4. animate pictures to show effectiveness

For more information on how Direct Response television advertising can impact your bottom line, contact the Direct Response Academy today at 512-301-5900.

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