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DRTV order fulfillment a major consideration – choosing the best fulfillment house and optimizing the order fulfillment processFulfillment houses wear many hats in DRTV. They manage all customer and order data, including the credit card information, handle all customer service complaints and issues, are responsible for transacting every sale, return and exchange, have all the product inventory and ship products to customers daily.

Done right, their job is an incredible asset to a DRTV campaign. Be warned, though. They can go from asset to liability in the blink of an eye. If even one link in that chain is broken or has consistent problems performing on par, that campaign is in serious trouble. Choosing the right Fulfillment house can be a tricky process and should not be taken lightly.

"Too often, marketers boil down their fulfillment choice on tangible issues like price. But there are many hidden costs that can surprise marketers after the first invoice is sent.  Everything from pallet charges to post office box pick up charges can increase the fulfillment costs per order."

Let’s take a look at how Fulfillment companies are chosen.  Usually, an account manager in Telemarketing or Production refers a friend in the industry, or a company they have worked with in the past. Sometimes they just provide contact info for a company they have heard does a good job. This seems like a sound option initially, due to that manager’s niche experience and knowing a lot of people in the industry. However, they are involved in a completely different service and probably know very little of the nuances of fulfillment when making that recommendation.

As a marketing company, ad agency, manufacturer or Fortune 500 company, what is the best way to choose a Direct Response Fulfillment company? How can you be assured that they offer the services your project demands? 

Before even considering one of a long list of fulfillment providers that may be appropriate, analyzing your own campaign and coming up with a list of issues and needs is a first step.  A few critical ones that will impact your fulfillment decision are:

  • Is your product made domestically or overseas and how far away from its domestic origination point will the fulfillment house be?
  • Is continuity in either the main offer or on an upsell planned?
  • Will your product have more than 3% return rate?
  • Is your product sold nation-wide or will there be regions that have more sales?
  • Will you have many customer service calls and will those calls have a disposition concerning order shipment or an inquiry into the product its usage, assembly of effectiveness?
  • Will you create your website in-house, have your own team of web developers or completely out-source your web strategy?

Of course there are many more internal needs that should be considered but this will help in the early planning stages. 

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Have questions? We want to hear from you. If you have comments about our website, or would like some answers to specific questions regarding your existing DR campaign, then please provide your comments and questions below and we will respond immediately. (Your email address is for correspondence purposes only. It will not be shared with any third parties, OR be considered a request to opt-in for our own mailings.)



Too often, marketers boil down their fulfillment choice on tangible issues like price.  Interestingly enough, there are many hidden costs fulfillment companies charge which  can be surprising to a marketer after the first invoice is sent.  Everything from pallet charges to post office box pick up charges can increase the fulfillment costs per order. This is usually beyond the original expectation.  When quarters count in maximizing a campaign, pricing needs to be analyzed very carefully.

But the non-tangible issues of trust, reputation, reporting, IT infra-structure and human resources, are every bit as important as the costs involved when making the decision of which fulfillment company is right for a project. 

Understanding how each fulfillment company under consideration got into the DRTV business is critical.  How do they run their company?  How many Account Managers do they have and who will be the assigned account manager?  How many IT people are on staff in the event of a computer melt down? What measures have they taken to protect security, data back-up and eliminate redundancy?

The Direct Response Academy specializes in helping companies choose the right fulfillment company for their projects.  Hit the link below, and we’ll get you a list of all of the fulfillment companies that specialize in DRTV so that you can start out with a complete overview of all the fulfillment houses.  The Academy offers feasibility analysis and coaching to make sure the service providers you choose are the best ones for your campaign, charging you industry standard rates and providing the services that are necessary for a successful campaign.


For more information on fulfillment for Direct Response campaigns, please call 512-301-5900 or email us at info@dracademy.org.