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DRTV product and image credibility, overcoming skeptical consumers, infomercial credibilityConsumers are smarter than ever and view advertising in all its forms with skepticism.

Picture this.  It’s something you’ve probably done yourself upon hearing about some new product that claims to be superior or different or amazingly effective.  The raised eyebrow, accompanied by the question, “What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I believe you?”  It’s the challenge each and every marketer has to overcome, regardless of format.

"People want proof that a product works before they run to the phone or their computer and spend their hard earned money. Our world is one saturated by infinite choices and options."

One major advantage to launching a Direct Response Television Campaign is that this format presents a myriad of opportunities and approaches to lend validity to a product or service.

Instead of burning all that expensive airtime by showing euphoric people gallivanting about a field of wildflowers in impossibly clean white pants, DRTV takes the time to organize vital information and present it as hard facts from an authoritative and tangible perspective. People want proof that a product works before they run to the phone or their computer and spend their hard earned money. Our world is one saturated by infinite choices and options. It takes a pretty substantial message to cut through the “advertising filter” that people have had to develop just to be able to function under the distraction of all the ads they encounter.

Overcoming objections is the name of the game and it is infinitely easier to accomplish when customers are presented with a clear and thorough understanding of the benefits and features of the product. There are a number of approaches that allow a marketer to do this with surprising effectiveness.

Testimonials: These are given by people of the same demographic this product is intended for and who have used the product and found it to improve their life as promised. Referrals are the most trusted form of building a business and testimonials offer the reassurance that a product is worth every cent

Medical Endorsements: Americans hold Doctors in high esteem and view them largely as authority figures. After all, they did get through all that school and all those incredibly tough classes. If a Doc says a product works, those claims are considered valid.

Celebrity Endorsements: Famous people are often cast to speak about a product because it’s already known whichdemographic responds to them. Additionally, it’s common knowledge that celebrity status is a popularity contest and is fickle by nature. As every celebrity’s most valuable asset, they wouldn’t dream of damaging it by association with a product that could result in negative attention.

Expert Endorsements: 
When a specialist or affiliate of an accredited organization publicly endorses a product, voila, instant credibility! Who could possibly know better if a product will or will not work than someone who has dedicated years of study and research to a given subject?  For example, let’s say someone decided to sell a new type of at home earthquake sensor, designed to provide California residents with an early warning of impending quakes. If a seismologist from the U.S. Geological Survey were their spokesperson, there’s no question that they would be moving some serious product.

Graphic Animation:
To display a product’s features in the most alluring and insightful way, Graphic animation and Demonstrations of the product in action are often employed. Especially if the concept is knew or relatively unknown, this offers the viewer a driver’s seat perspective the product and alleviates the concern some people have about purchasing a product without a hands-on demonstration first.

Product Comparison: This is a great opportunity to utilize charts and statistics. Side by side analysis of how one product compares to another leaves very little up to the imagination. This is one of the most tangible and concrete methods of lending validity to a product. continued below...
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So how do you know which method will lend the most credibility to your specific campaign? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Which form will speak loudest to their desired audience? What has been proven successful in the past? How do you find the celebrity or expert or graphic designer that will be best voice and face for your campaign?

The Direct Response Academy specializes in helping clients craft the most compelling and credible message for their audience. The Academy offers expertise and valuable insight in every phase of DRTV project management. When each decision made in a DRTV campaign can ultimately lead to success or failure, it is territory best traveled with an experience guide.

For more information on building credibility with Direct Response advertising, contact the Direct Response Academy today at