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DRTV Management
Boot Camp
Special Focus:
Winning the Media Game

June 29-30, 2009
Los Angeles, CA

Course Fee:
10th Anniversary Special


Greg Sarnow
CEO, Direct Response Academy

DRTV Management Boot Camp
The industry's gold standard in Direct Response training

The DRTV Management Boot Camp provides the information you need to make an immediate difference in your infomercial campaign. 

This comprehensive 2-day training intensive empowers marketing & ad professionals from any industry with proven best practices for infomercial marketing to:

• Maximize ROI
• Build your brand & retail growth
• Overcome and avoid common obstacles to DRTV success.

The course covers the full spectrum of an infomercial marketing campaign – from product offer development, infomercial production, and finance; to managing call center services, product fulfillment, web integration and retail sell-through.

Special Focus:Winning the Media Game
Unique training offered only by the
Direct Response Academy

Now anyone running a DRTV campaign can learn how to manage media buying – whether you’re an experienced general marketer or just starting out.  Until it was introduced by the Academy, the information in this course was available only to media executives. 
Why is it so important?  Because media buying takes the majority of an infomercial marketing campaign budget - and requires the most skill to manage.  Without this training, marketers who don’t understand how DRTV media management works can waste their efforts and watch their campaign dollars slide away.  

Buying media for infomercials is complex.  So learning how it works is absolutely key – whether you need to be on an even keel with your media agency or are managing your DRTV media buying in-house.

Course Leader

Over nearly 20 years in the Direct Response industry, Greg Sarnow has managed countless DRTV campaigns.  Greg also ran one of the industry’s largest DRTV media buying companies for over 6 years, giving our course participants access to a unique DRTV authority.

To Register:

To receive a registration form or for more information, please respond via email at
Or call us at (512) 301-5900.

The Direct Response Academy’s unique training programs cover all aspects of a DRTV campaign – from launching and managing a campaign to media management to telemarketing agent training.  We offer executive training, campaign and project management services to corporations and individuals marketing products through TV and the Web.

About your instructor:

Greg Sarnow, Direct Response Academy CEO and course leader, is a widely recognized authority on the direct response television industry. He leads the only educational organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the DRTV industry.  Sarnow's unique training programs cover all aspects of launching and managing direct response television campaigns – from full campaign management to managing DRTV media to telemarketing agent training.

Prior to founding the DRA, Greg spent eight years as president of American Television Time.  During his tenure, Sarnow managed long and short form media for Fortune 500 companies including Avon, Rubbermaid, Chase Bank, Toshiba, and Sears, and was responsible for the purchase of $1 billion in advertising media.  With marketing expertise in TV, radio, syndication and direct response, Greg built ATT’s annual revenues from $2 million to $48 million in only 4 years.

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