Direct Response Academy

The Academy's Clients:

Direct Response Academy Clients

Alberto Culver Company
American Telecom
BioNorica AG
Body By Jake
Canella Response Television, Inc.
Celebrity Signatures
Cesari Direct
cj Advertising
Cossette Communications Group
Credit Answers LLC
Deer Stags
Diamond Chemical Co., Inc.
Direct Response Media
Escape Your Shape
Global TV Concept
Gotham Direct, Inc.
Hoist Fitness Systems
Iceland Health
Infusion Brands
InPulse Response Group
Irwin Natural
ITV Direct
Jarden Consumer Products
Lexicon Marketing
Lionsgate Films
Listen Up
LivOn Laboratories
Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety
My Media Works
Overbreak LLC
People Support
PetFirst Healthcare
Polar Heart Monitors
Primeway Companies
ShamWow, Inc.
Singing Coach
Soda Club
Star Medical
Strategic Media, Inc.
Sylmark Group
Team Direct Management LLC
The Hollywood Trainer
Total Living Network
Victor Results Advertising
WellNx Life Sciences/SlimQuick
XLN Brands



"I thought there would be an
overview and we’d just touch
on a few points on each topic.
But Greg really dove down into
the details.

There was so much information!
It would have taken me months
or years to research. And with trial
and error, and all the nuances you need know to set up a proper campaign, there was no way I
could have learned it all so fast -
just 3 days!

I really liked how Greg gave the
picture – the stark reality – of
setting up a DR campaign. The
way he structured the seminar
seemed perfect. His material is grounded in reality vs. just theory. Everything fell into place

I could see how people could
embellish the process, but the
way Greg presented gives me
more confidence in planning
how to approach DR. "

Lance Miyamoto


"I want to thank the Direct
Response Academy for the
positive experience we had. This
year, Body by Jake made the
transition to a fully self-contained
direct marketing company.

The DR Academy played a key
role in preparing our staff and
arranging relationships that
made our operation a success.
Your expertise in television media
was very important in helping us
establish a structure to purchase
media in-house.

I highly recommend to anyone
interested in pursuing this industry
without significant experience to
directly seek your advice. It will
save them time and money."

Phil Scotti
Body by Jake



"For us, it’s all about designing
our services so our clients’ media
is the most effective possible. That’s
where you came in.

You showed our staff how we
can refine our processes, where
to focus our attention, and how
we can best impact our client’s

Our call flow designs are now more sophisticated; the offer structure
is more effective and our clients
are better served.

But here’s where I have seen the
most impact: our internal operations
staff now have the complete picture
of how their functions fit in a
successful campaign -and what
we are working toward when the
marketing staff makes a specific
request. The list goes on and on...

We regularly get requests from
additional departments to be
included in your next training

Your industry knowledge and
presentations are making us a
better company. Because of you,
we are making media more
effective and we’re making our
clients more money.

I am proud to make a
recommendation on the use of
your services."

Steve Pittendrigh, CEO
InPulse Response Group


"Your insight and expertise for
choosing the proper media has
led us to a higher ratio than our previous media runs.

In addition to managing our
media campaign, I have been
equally impressed with your
overall knowledge of all the
other aspects of DRTV. You had
the insight to successfully choose
some of our upsells, which are
still drawing an over 20% ratio
despite being in the 4th and 5th position.

Not only have I learned a great
deal from your wisdom, you are
very easy to work with and one of
the most reliable people I have
done business with in this ever-challenging industry. "

Dr. Edward Jackowski, CEO
Escape Your Shape


"Now that I've taken your class, I really understand this trade show.
I wouldn't know what to do with
all of this if I hadn't taken Greg's class."

Paul Sathis
PDS Ltd.

"Greg’s years of experience in
the field presents an amazing perspective on the DR business. 

The seminar helped me connect
the data I know and fill in
the blanks with a lot of missing information. 

Great seminar!  I wish I had
attended years ago!"

Mara Schteinschraber
Corinthian College

"This is how important Greg’s
class is: in 3 days, he completely changed my perspective.

I have a campaign currently on
air I thought was doing pretty
good. I didn’t realize I was
actually losing money doing
it the way I have been!

Now I realize the power my
product possesses – and the
numbers we should be doing.
And I know exactly how to plan
my media and my inventory."

Aman Agrawal
Home Shoppe Direct.

"I feel much better prepared
to build our first DRTV campaign. 
I think I’ll be much more
effective in determining which
partners we should work with. 
Thank you!"

Kathie Grant
PetFirst Healthcare

"This seminar had the highest percentage of actual useful
technical information (vs.
anecdotal baloney) of any
seminar I’ve ever attended. 
Bravo, Greg!"

Jay Sedrish
Stouffer Direct

"The greatest benefit?
Connecting ALL the dots.

I've never been on the client side
before, so this really helped me understand the entire marketing process.

Greg was a fantastic instructor. I really like how his relevant day-
to-day experiences are applied
in the classroom. "

Georgette Heller
Allstar Marketing Group

"I would recommend this class to anybody involved in any aspect
of this industry. I mean, the stuff
Greg knows is just ridiculous! He’s
had his thumb on the pulse
of this industry for so long.

I really enjoyed the fact that the
class wasn’t all hype. He didn’t
just make everyone feel warm
and fuzzy. He drove home that
you have to be realistic, that you have to have realistic expectations. He used real examples, real situations.

I was skeptical going in. But I was riveted! I just sat there and learned.
I was extremely pleased with the opportunity I had to take the

Brian Doughty
Infusion Brands

"If you are a beginner looking for
DRTV world, this is the course to
take. Learn practical, real world critical information from a
world-class DRTV expert.

Attending this course has no
doubt saved me tens of
thousands of dollars.”"

Mike Scotti
Horizon Foods

"For me, the greatest value was understanding how the industry’s
best are doing this. The course opened my eyes to areas I had
never been involved in, ultimately helping me understand everything better."

Jesse de la Llata
Interlex USA

"I was nervous because I didn’t
know who Greg was. And yeah, I thought it was a lot of money.
But when I got to the class and
after that intro, I was like, 'Wow!'

As the time went on and I saw
how much this man knows, his background and his career,
what he’s done and what he’s
doing professionally, my
reservations were just gone. It
was a little bit costly but it was
well worth the money!"

Mary DiNardo

"Greg Sarnow delivers. No one
in the industry is willing to share
the secrets and knowledge he is - period!

At many points during the class, I
felt satisfied with my investment.
I’d be thinking, “If this was all I
got from the course, I'd have
gotten my money’s worth …
more than my money’s worth!"

Marsha Kent

"It was exactly what I needed,
and I will apply it in Russia."

Ilya Kirik
Direct Trade, LLC

"The course let me make certain
that what we are doing in Japan
is correct. The greatest benefit is being able to understand the American market, comparing
the situation in Japan and
adjusting to that in the U.S."

Haruko Otani
Esprit Line Co. Ltd. USA (Japan)

"Greg really knocks it out of the
park with his DRTV Boot Camp.
He’s not only highly experienced
and knowledgeable, but you can
see he has a genuine desire to
help others succeed in the DRTV industry. Thanks, Greg!”"

Roger Wagy

"Thank you for all the great info
at the DRTV Boot Camp in
NYC. I walked away feeling more confident that I can do a better
job managing our newest
fundraising initiative. We will
build better, test better from the start."

Dana Spencley
The Wounded Warrior Project

"This course is an excellent introduction and overview of
the DRTV process for anyone entering the business - or changing responsibilities within the field.
The Boot Camp gives a great
history and background, and
practical tools for success that
can be immediately applied."

Elisa Fike Coleman
Russ Reid

"I loved Greg’s class! It was broken down into clear, direct
information that was easy to
digest. I feel much more confident
in the DR world with the
information I received here. I recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining knowledge
from a true expert.”"

Hara Lewis

"The course more than met my expectations. It gave a very comprehensive overview of
the process, yet we were able to delve into each area. The
knowledge from this course
allows me to proceed with much more confidence in going into
a new DRTV venture.”"

Steven Friedman


Mini DRTV Boot Camp
May 2-3, 2011
San Diego, CA

Las Vegas strip at night

"The class was phenomenal. There's so much information power-packed in the program!

You'd have to burn a couple million dollars to even begin to find the kind of information you get by taking this class.
Absolutely great!"

Aman Agrawal
Home Shoppe Direct

Response Expo 2011

Campaign Management
Boot Camp

Click here to register

Master the Art of Successful DRTV Campaign Management

Now you can get the core of the Academy's gold standard DRTV Management Boot Camp in a day and a half - and at half the price! 

This special program, hosted at the site of Response Expo 2011, is once again co-sponsored by Response Magazine. 


Participants in this special Mini DRTV Management Boot Camp learn how to:

  • Determine if a product is feasible for an infomercial campaign

  • Build a compelling product offer

  • Choose the best creative approach and manage creative development

  • Choose the right production format and manage infomercial & short form production

  • Manage DR media buys and your media agency

  • Analyze media placement results to maximize ROI

  • Brand DRTV products for sale at the retail level


Spotlight Features

On May 2nd and 3rd in San Diego, you and your team can learn the powerful best practices that have been proven to create successful, profitable campaigns:

Product Feasibility
To determine if a product is right for DRTV, we use the same rigorous evaluation the major marketing companies use.

Boot Camp participants walk away with the Direct Response Academy's invaluable 22 point feasibility analysis, a perfect blueprint for choosing the right product and managing your campaign.

A well-oiled marketing machineCreative & Production
Explore the creative process for short form and long form infomercials.

Learn how to choose the right production format, put together a great script, build an excellent production team, and work effectively together.

Developing an Offer
Attendees get an insider's knowledge on how to build an irresistible offer that showcases your product and drives sales.

"As an industry person, I gained more benefit from Greg’s class. I could really hear each and every word he said and apply it to my personal experience. I saw how I could make everything I do better and more profitable.

Learning equals dollars in Greg’s class. Learning equals profits."

Marsha Kent

Media Strategies
Learn the skills DRTV media buyers and planners use for their clients' success. Navigating DRTV Media The Academy's Advanced DRTV Media program is the only training of its kind. You'll gain a clear understanding of:

  • How to navigate the DRTV media buying process
  • How results impact weekly media buys
  • How DRTV agencies can make high commissions on the media they purchase for their clients

Getting into Retail
The goal of every brand marketing campaign is to make the product a household name. 

Shopping onlineUsing direct response as a brand marketing vehicle has become a favorite of ad agencies seeking to maximize ROI. In this class, you will learn how brand managers use a direct-to-consumer/DRTV approach to build the brand while simultaneously making sales.

"The class was something to take a chance on. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see a new point of view.

But when I got there, it just clicked. Greg was amazing. The class material was really good. I honestly feel that I got a bargain for the tuition I paid!”

Lance Miyamoto
Rearden Golf, Inc.

Build your team's core competency in Direct Response TV. The special Mini DRTV Management Boot Camp gives you the information you need to make an immediate difference in your direct response tv campaign. 

Who should attend?
The DRTV Management Boot Camp is for anyone involved in Direct Response.

Marketers and advertising professionals from any industry are empowered with the proven best practices taught here. 

And it’s an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and the perfect start for those new to the industry.

What do you receive?
  • The best DRTV training available anywhere
  • A comprehensive coursebook
  • Free pass to the Response Expo show floor
  • An additional tuition discount for DRMA members

"Now that I've taken your class, I really understand this trade show.
Shopping onlineI wouldn't know what to do with all of this if I hadn't taken Greg's class.”

Paul Sathis

Reserve Your Seat Today!

Click here to register!

Don't miss this opportunity to get all the essential elements of Direct Response TV marketing!

Course Fees:
Special Response Expo Price: $995
DRMA Member Discount Price: $895

Click here to download a PDF registration form.

Please email or call us if you have any questions at
(512) 301-5900.

Join us on May 2nd and 3rd for the Direct Response Academy's Mini DRTV Management Boot Camp - the best DRTV training program available anywhere.

PS: Ask about the Academy's in-house training services! Many companies ask Greg to return again and again to train their people and improve their Direct Response campaign results, including:
  • Gotham Direct
  • Product Partners / Beach Body
  • Irwin Natural
  • Moulton Logistics
  • Sylmark
  • Omni Reliant
  • Marketing Architects
  • Global TV Response
  • Impulse / West
  • Dynatech /My Media Works
    .............and many more!

About Your Instructor:

Greg Sarnow, CEO, Direct Response Academy Greg Sarnow, Direct Response Academy CEO and course leader, is a widely recognized authority on the direct response television industry. He leads the only educational organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the DRTV industry.  Sarnow's unique training programs cover all aspects of launching and managing direct response television campaigns – from full campaign management to managing DRTV media to telemarketing agent training.
Prior to founding the DRA, Greg spent eight years as president of American Television Time.  During his tenure, Sarnow managed long and short form media for Fortune 500 companies including Avon, Rubbermaid, Chase Bank, Toshiba, and Sears, and was responsible for the purchase of $1 billion in advertising media.  With marketing expertise in TV, radio, syndication and direct response, Greg built ATT’s annual revenues from $2 million to $48 million in only 4 years.

Click here for a printable PDF registration form.

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