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Tuesday, Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beachbody Hosts Infomercial & Media Training by Direct Response Academy

(Santa Monica, California) The Direct Response Academy’s DRTV Management Boot Camp with Advanced DRTV Media & Logistics will be held from December 7-9 at the Santa Monica offices of Product Partners, LLC. Product Partners’ product line, Beachbody, is among the greatest fitness infomercial success stories.

“This is a unique opportunity for our course participants,” says Greg Sarnow, Academy CEO. “The program combines our DRTV Management Boot Camp program with our special Advanced Media & Logistics training. And being hosted by Product Partners, one of the most successful direct response marketers, is a terrific added bonus. If you’ll pardon the pun, participants will enjoy strengthening their DRTV muscle at the Beachbody offices

.” Boot Camp participants explore every area of an infomercial marketing project, including how to:

Determine if a product is feasible for an infomercial campaign

Build a compelling product offer

Choose the best creative approach and production format

Build a sound financial model Analyze media placement results

Maximize effectiveness of call center and fulfillment vendors

Integrate web sales with a DRTV campaign

Brand DRTV products for sale at the retail level

The special focus on DRTV media has been added because an infomercial campaign’s success depends on how effectively media is managed.

Sarnow explains, “Everyone in the Direct Response industry should be competent in DRTV media. More money is left on the table because of poor media planning and performance than any other DR discipline.”

The 2 day section of the course takes an in-depth look at the entire media buying process including testing, roll-out, and short form and infomercial media buying.

Sarnow has guided countless campaigns in his nearly 20 years in the direct response industry, and spent over 6 years running one of the industry’s largest media companies. He also brings a keen eye for what sells, what's innovative, and how a product offer can be effectively improved.

For more information, email courses@directresponseacademy.com, or call (512) 301-5900.

Visit: http://www.DirectResponseAcademy.com.


The Direct Response Academy in Austin, Texas is the only educational organization dedicated to teaching the best practices of direct response television marketing. The Academy offers on-site and public training, and infomercial marketing campaign management for companies and individuals launching or managing DRTV campaigns.

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