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2008 Course Schedule:

June 9-11, 2008
DRTV Mgmt Boot Camp: Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals
New York City, NY

June 11, 2008
DRTV Back-End Management:
Where Profits Are Won Or Lost

New York City, NY

October 22-23, 2008
DRTV Management Boot Camp
Santa Monica, CA

October 24, 2008
Winning the Media Game
Santa Monica, CA

DRTV Mgmt Boot Camp:
Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals

June 9-10, 2008
Fitzpatrick Hotel, New York City, NY

DRTV Back-End Management:
Where Profits Are Won Or Lost
June 11, 2008
Fitzpatrick Hotel, New York City, NY

Greg Sarnow, CEO, Direct Response Academy

Join the Direct Response Academy for our latest course-offering, a DRTV Management Boot Camp tailor-made for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.

DRTV Mgmt Boot Camp: Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals will examine creative strategies and the best practices of nutraceutical DRTV marketing.  We'll also closely examine the legal issues surrounding nutritional supplements, skin care and beauty products, as well as the ways in which regulatory agencies impact the DRTV sales process.

This DRTV Boot Camp will focus heavily on building a compelling nutraceutical offer, including both soft and hard offers, and lead generation.  The challenges of scalability for DRTV short form and infomercial campaigns will be discussed in detail with solutions for a successful campaign roll-out.  

Who Should Attend?
The DRTV Management Boot Camp was created for marke
ting and advertising managers who are adding DRTV to their services, as well as inventors, entrepreneurs and service providers who need to understand the direct response

Course leader Greg Sarnow, the Direct Response Academy’s CEO, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the direct response field, giving course participants direct access to one of the industry’s foremost authorities.

DRTV Mgmt Boot Camp: Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals is comprehensive and will cover the full curriculum of the DRTV Manage-ment Boot Camp. Over two days, course participants learn to:

  • Determine product feasibility
  • Build a compelling product offer
  • Choose the best creative approach & production format
  • Build a sound financial model
  • Analyze media placement results
  • Maximize effectiveness of telemarketing and product fulfillment vendors
  • Integrate web sales with a DRTV campaign
  • Brand DRTV products for retail sell-through

Immediately following the Boot Camp, the Academy will present DRTV Back-End Management: Where Profits Are Won or Lost on June 11th.  We’ve created this one-day offering in response to requests for more detail on the behind-the-scenes elements of a direct response marketing campaign. 

Participants in this course will examine the sales process, telemarketing, fulfillment, customer service, and financial aspects in great detail to get an even deeper understanding of the myriad details that must be managed in any DR venture.

Register today!  You may choose to attend either course.  Participants in both classes will receive a $100 discount. Contact us directly for course details, or to request your registration form. Call 512-301-5900, or email

About your instructor:

Course instructor Greg Sarnow is a widely recognized authority on the direct response television industry. As the Academy’s founder and CEO, he leads the only educational institute dedicated to the needs of the direct response industry.  Sarnow's unique training programs cover every aspect of launching and managing a product marketing campaign through television.

Greg SarnowPrior to founding the DRA, Greg spent eight years as president of American Television Time.  During his tenure, Sarnow managed long and short form media for Fortune 500 companies including Avon, Rubbermaid, Chase Bank, Toshiba, and Sears, and was responsible for the purchase of $1 billion in advertising media.  With marketing expertise in TV, radio, syndication and direct response, Greg built ATT’s annual revenues from $2 million to $48 million in only 4 years.

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