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DRTV Management Boot Camp

Greg sarnow, DRTV Pioneer

Course Schedule:

October 28-29, 2008
DRTV Management Boot Camp
Santa Monica, CA

October 30, 2008
DRTV Back-End Management
Santa Monica, CA

December 3-4, 2008
DRTV Management Boot Camp
(bonus: Xtra DRTV
Media Buying Feature)

Philadelphia, PA

January 21-22, 2009
DRTV Management Boot Camp:
Customer Acquisition

Miami, FL

January 23, 2009
DRTV Back-End Management
Miami, FL

March 10-11, 2009
DRTV Management Boot Camp
Austin, TX

March 12, 2009
DRTV Back-End Management
Austin, TX

April 7-8 , 2009
Winning the Media Game
Santa Monica, CA

April 28-30, 2009
USA Marketplace
Geneva, Switzerland
Chamonix, France

The Most Detailed & Complete Training Available

DRTV Management Boot Camp: Most Detailed and Complete Overview AvailableSo many companies are doing direct response television (DRTV) and radio advertising, yet 90% of the campaigns started are not successful. How can you tilt the odds in your favor and become one of the successful Direct Response Marketers? How can you take this powerful interactive medium and apply it to any project you want?

Find out the secrets direct response marketers use to create successful campaigns! There are corporate marketers and successful entrepreneurs that create successful DRTV campaigns over and over again. What are their secrets? Learning from their successes and failures can make the difference.
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2008/2009 Course Schedule (DRTV Boot Camp):
October 28-29, 2008 >>> Santa Monica, CA
December 3-4, 2008 >>> Philadelphia, PA
January 21-22, 2009
>>> Miami, FL
March 10-11, 2009 >>> Austin, TX

This comprehensive 2-day training intensive empowers marketing & ad professionals from any industry with proven best practices that:

• Maximize return-on-investment (ROI);
• Promote brand-building & retail growth; and
• Overcome and avoid common obstacles to DRTV success.

The course participant is in for a DRTV experience that will change their approach to marketing forever. DRTV Management Boot Camp includes detailed training in the following critical areas:

1. Building the Compelling Offer:
Main Offer, Bonus Items, Up-sells
2. Creative & Production:
Understanding the creative process & working closely with your creative team
3. DRTV Finance:
From Scorekeeping to Winning Strategies
4. Building your DRTV Team:
Choosing, Negotiating and Managing all of your out-sourced suppliers
5. Winning the Media Game:
The complete plan to manage your media buyer
6. Website Development:
Integrating your DR strategies with your website
7. Retail:
Leverage your DR Marketing success to maximize Retail sell-thru

It isn't only the rookies who attend the Direct Response Academy’s courses. If you or your team need to understand DRTV best practices to maximize ROI and manage the outsourced service providers needed for a successful campaign, this course will be your first best step!

You may be a:

Corporate marketer or ad agency looking to get into DRTV, understand a particular area of campaign management better, improve a campaign or bring DRTV resources in-house and train a team;

DRTV vendor (i.e. producer, media buyer, telemarketing or fulfillment company, etc.) wanting to better understand the full campaign spectrum and complimentary disciplines, or wanting the campaign management certification that can help you land better projects;

Entrepreneur or someone responsible for the success of a new product, and need to know if DRTV is an appropriate marketing channel for you and where to start.

At the DRTV Management Boot Camp you will quickly learn the powerful secrets used for years to create successful, profitable campaigns. You will learn how to:


1. Unleash Your Creative Potential
DETERMINE which producer is right for your project; UNDERSTAND which DRTV format and production style will be most successful for your project; and INFLUENCE the creative people with a "results mentality" and an "on budget" approach.

2. Maximize Revenue
GAIN the know-how to maximize revenues with upsells, clubs, continuity, and outbound telemarketing; and CAPITALIZE on profits by integrating other marketing opportunities resulting in successful DRTV campaigns.

3. Negotiate The Best Deals
NEGOTIATE deals with the 10-15 providers you contract with; KNOW what they charge their best customers; and UNDERSTAND what leverage you really have with them.

4. Win The Media Game
PICK the best media buyers for your project; TALK the media language your buyers understand; and GAIN insightful knowledge on media analysis.

5. Understand DRTV Finances With Ease
MANAGE the finances of DRTV -- CPO's, CPL's, Ratios, marketing models and media budgeting; IDENTIFY which opportunities to take at what time, so that the DRTV campaign not only creates sales, but continues to build national awareness.

Now, you don't have to risk a lot of time, money and effort learning DRTV strategies. This intensive, hands-on Direct Response Television Management Boot-Camp is the only two day training where you will learn proven and innovative DRTV strategies DRTV insiders are using to create successful DRTV campaigns.

Don’t miss out on this special two day event. For more information or to register, please call 512-301-5900 or email us at